Recent Work
A showreel of recent work: Idents and graphics packages for TV shows, promos for brands and corporates, infographics and explainer videos – there’s something for everyone!
Showcase: Kinetic
This reel showcases a kinetic approach to typography and graphics, expressing ideas through dynamically moving words and images, for TV, brands and corporate events.
Showcase: Infographics
A collection of infographic/explainer animations for clients including BMW, Santander, Colgate and Pearson. Clear graphics and engaging animation are a great way to present data and explain ideas quickly and simply.
Showcase: Maps
Maps are often a vital component of documentary filmmaking. They help to orient the viewer and clarify the narrative. Their visual design can also reflect the setting and mood of the film, be it historical, ob-doc or travelogue.
Archive Reel
This is a showreel of projects from the Graphic Motion vaults. You can use the menu bar at the top of the page to find examples of specific types of work, such as titles, promos, brands and events.
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